Refund Policy

Last updated: January 23, 2024

At GreenBot, we aim to deliver services that align with your expectations. While we stand behind the quality of our services, we understand that there may be instances where you might seek a refund. Our refund policy is crafted to be transparent and equitable. Please read the terms below thoroughly:

  • Invalid Requests:

    • Subscription Tenure: Refund requests are invalid if this is not your first month of the subscription or if its a yearly subscription.
    • Free Trial Inclusion: Refund requests are not valid if your subscription has an associated free trial period.

  • Refund Request Period: You may submit a refund request within 7 days of the purchase date. Requests beyond this timeframe are not eligible.

  • One-Time Refund: Refunds are limited to once per membership or perk. If you've previously received a refund for a membership or perk, you cannot request a refund for the same item if repurchased.

  • Lifetime Memberships and Perks: Lifetime memberships and perks are non-refundable. These purchases are final, reflecting your sustained support for GreenBot.

  • Purchaser Verification: Refund requests must be made by the individual who completed the original purchase.

  • Invoice Requirement: To process your refund, you must provide the original purchase invoice for verification purposes.

  • Reason for Refund: Please provide a clear and honest reason for your refund request. This helps us understand your concerns and strive to improve our services.

  • Civility in Communication: We approach each refund request with an open mind and are more inclined to grant a refund if the request is made politely and respectfully. We do not tolerate 'bullying refunds' or demanding behavior.

  • Dispute and Chargeback Policy: Initiating a chargeback or dispute through your payment provider is seen as a breach of trust. Doing so will lead to permanent termination of your access to our services, a blacklist from future use, and disqualification from receiving a refund.

  • Discretionary Right to Decline: GreenBot reserves the right to decline refund requests at our discretion, particularly if the terms of the refund policy are not met or if there is suspected abuse of our services.

GreenBot and its owners are committed to your satisfaction. We strive to provide services that meet your needs and maintain a fair and structured approach to refunds. If you have questions or need to request a refund, please contact our support team through the appropriate channels.

We appreciate your support and thank you for choosing GreenBot. 💚