Privacy Policy

Please read the privacy policy below to learn more about how we collect, use, and share your personal information.

Since November, Discord is asking bots to have a privacy policy

We are not affiliated with Discord

Last updated: November 2021 by Pauldb09

1. Data we Collect

Green-bot doesn't stores your username or profile picture. We don't store any datas about users.We only store things about guilds. The prefixes, your language, and others parameters.You can ask to delete your data by contacting us on Discord.

2. Bot rules

By using Green-bot, you are agreening to the following rules:

1. No spamming. For us, spamming is doing lots of commands without really using the bot

2. No advertising.

3. Respecting the support team. Please be kind with our support team wich helps you for free

4. No hacking. We don't allow any hacking. If you find a bug, please contact us on Discord.

3. Sharing you data

We are not going to share your personnal data in any ways. First of all because we do not store it :)

4. If you violated our tos

If you violated our tos, you can be globaly banned from Green-bot.

If you want to dispute your ban, please contact us on Discord.

4. Content

Green-bot is an open source bot available on Github. If you want to contribute to Green-bot, you can do it on Github.

If you are using the source code, you have to put licenses.

Green-bot is streaming content from Soundcloud only. When you send a youtube link, the bot will search the song on soundcloud and plays it.