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The only discord music bot you will ever need. 24/7 music, bassboost, and play any song from Youtube.

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Why choose us ?

High music quality

Listen music with one of the better music quality of discord!

Dj system

Allow only to users who have a specific role to manage the music

Control commands

Green-bot has also some usefull commands to controll the music like remove, jump, seek etc.

Lyrics support

Get the lyrics of the music that you are listening to!

Exclusive filters

Change the feel of the songs using bass boost, vaporwave & nightcore modes. This one is guaranteed to impress your friends.


Forget about having to queue songs with AutoPlay! Green-bot will automatically look at your listening history to pick the best songs to play next.

Highly configurable

Custom the prefix,the default volume, and cool things like auto shuffle & anti duplicates and more.

Music controller

Send the name of a music in a channel and Green-bot will play your music!

24/7 Music

Allows you to force Green-bot to stay in a voice channel indefinitely, for example to play a radio station.

So what are you waiting for?

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