The Best audio quality on Discord !

Green-bot supports Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and 24/7 Music.

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Green-bot has the following features to improve your Discord server

High music quality

>Green-bot has a powerfull music quality! You will be surprised

Dj system

Allow only to users who have a specific role to stop, pause and seek the music

Control commands

Green-bot has also some usefull commands to controll the music like remove, jump, seek etc.

Lyrics support

Green-bot has already a lyrics command to see the lyrics of a song !

Exclusive filters

Supports Bassboost and nightcore filters, for free and without lags.


If you enable the autoplay, when the queue is finished, the bot will automatically play similar songs !

Highly configurable

You can custom everything: The bot prefix, if the bot must send messages announcing a new song, the volume...

Getting started

Invite Green-bot to your Discord server to get started!

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