Listen to music with style!

Improve your music experience now with Green-bot! Free volume control, 24/7 music, Audio filters, DJ, Autoplay, Custom playlist bot channels and much more!


Why choose us?

Green-bot is one of the best discord music bots that you can find and provides free features wich are for pay on other bots! Let's have a look at Green-bot's features

Stable and Free!

It’s everything you’ll ever need.

Thanks to our big hosting infrastructure (more than 10 servers arround the world) Green-bot can provide free 24/7 music with only a little vote-lock!


User Interface

Unlimited features waiting for you.

Manage the music directly from the website, remove duplicate tracks, vote with your friends to skip the music and much more.

Bot features

You can take here a deeper look into Green-bot's features.


Music dashboard

Manage the music directly from the website. Stop, pause or skip the music in one click!


Permission system

Allow only users with a specific role/permission to use some commands, vote to skip songs, restrict the bot to only several channels and more!


24/7 & High quality

Allows you to force Green-bot to stay in a voice channel indefinitely playing high quality music



Green-bot will automatically look at your listening history to pick the best songs to play next.

Hm really? What are you waiting for?

Stop waiting and start listening to music now! If you would like to see a new feature on Green-bot, feel free to ask us on our support server!

Get started in 3 steps

You don't need to setup anything, just enjoy.

Step 1

Invite the bot to your server

Start by inviting the bot onto your discord server using this link.

Step 2

Play a song

Once Green-bot has joined your server, join a voice channel and do *play music. You can replace music by the music that you want to play or a spotify album/playlist link

Step 3

Enjoy the music!

Close your eyes and listen!