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Green-bot has the following features to improve your Discord server

Music system

Green-bot has a powefull music system with a wonderfull quality and a dj system (Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitch, and more!


Powerful security features,a responsive team. A configurable captcha. Smart anti-spam, anti selfbot, anti caps And many others to protect your server...


Green-bot has a powefull moderation system (massban, softban etc) and a log of every moderation action.


Logs discord events (joins, leaves, message modifications, attachments, nickname changes, and more)

Youtube notifications

Send a message in a specific channel when your favourite youtuber post a new video !

Role Management

Assign roles by reacting on a message or by using commands. Assing role to a specific number of messages or level.

Birthdays system

Allow your users to define their birthdays. Send a message to a channel on the birthday of one of them!


Engage your members with features like starboard, suggestions, giveaways, wand more.

Auto responders & auto reactions

Send a message or react to the message when a user send a specific message. Everything is customizable


Automatically assign a role to members when they join! Autorole for bots and autorole for users.

And More

Green-bot also has things such as custom commands, reminders, information commands, fun commands, games, ...

Getting started

Invite Green-bot to your Discord server to get started!

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