Commands list

You can see there the list of the commands of Green-bot sorted by categories
To execute a command, first write the prefix and then the command name. Reminder: Hooks such as [] or <> must not be used when executing commands.

Music commands

Name Use Description
skip *skip Skips the current music
np *np Displays the current playing song
shuffle *shuffle Mix the server's queue
clearqueue *clearqueue Deletes the server's queue
resume *resume Resumes the current music
back *back Plays the previous music
queue *queue Displays all songs in the server's queue
remove *remove number Removes a music from the server's queue
seek *seek time Advances the current music of a given time.
dj-system *dj-system Enables or disables the DJ system on the server
loop *loop queue/song Enable or disable the loop mode
play *play music Play the provided music in your vc channel.
24/7 *24/7 enable/disable Enables or disables The 24h/7 mode. If enabled, the bot won't leave yout voc channel
autoplay *autoplay enable/disable Enables or disables the autoplay system. If enabled, the bot will play songs like the songs that you listen
bassboost *bassboost enable/disable Toggles bassboost filter
jump *jump number Skips to the provided song
pause *pause Pauses the current music
volume *volume number Changes the volume of the bot in the vocal channel
lyrics *lyrics music Gives the lyrics of the music indicated.
stop *stop Stops the music.

Utilities commands

Name Use Description
tiktok *tiktok username Gives information on a tiktok profile
remind *remind create/list/delete Manages your reminders
invitations *invitations Look at the invitations of a member
deleteemoji *deleteemoji emoji Deletes an emoji from the server.
admins-list *admins-list shows how many people have administrator permissions on the server
premium *premium [give] Displays the status of the premium server or yours.
holidays *holidays country Gives the date of the holidays in a given country
roleinfo *roleinfo @role Gives all the available informations about a role of the server
snipe *snipe Sends the last message deleted in the current channel
color *color color Gives information about a color
help *help [command name] Displays a list of all current commands, sorted by category.Can be used in conjunction with a command for more information.
permissions *permissions [member] Displays all your permissions or member provided on the server.
links *links Gives some important links about the bot
addemoji *addemoji emoji/url [name] Adds an emoji to the server
suggest *suggest content Makes a suggestion if the system is enabled on the server
translate *translate langage text Translates the text gives in the desired language
serverinfo *serverinfo Gives all the information available on the server
userinfo *userinfo Gives all the information available on a user
avatar *avatar Displays a user's avatar (or yours, if no user is mentioned).
botinfo *botinfo Displays informations about the bot.
discrim *discrim discrim Show how many people have some discriminator on the server
uptime *uptime Gives the bot uptime.
ping *ping Returns the latency of the bot
numberfacts *numberfacts number Gives a random fact about a number

Moderation commands

Name Use Description
slowmode *slowmode [channel] number [reason] Activates slow mode in a channel with the specified rate.If no channel is provided, slow mode will affect the current channel.Provide a rate of 0 to disable.
mute *mute @user time [reason] || *mute @user [reason] Silences a member for a given time.
kick *kick @user [reason] Kicks the provided user from the server
delete-case *delete-case id Deletes a case from the database
lock *lock [channel] Locks a channel or the current channel
unlock *unlock [channel] Unlocks a channel or the current channel
nuke *nuke Deletes all messages from a channel
clear *clear number [user] Deletes messages from the current channel
unban *unban id [reason] Unbans the provided server member
softban *softban @user [reason] Bans a member from the Guild and immediately unbans them, clearing out their messages
banlist *banlist Gives the list of server banned members
unmute *unmute @user Ends the mute of a member
case *case id Provides information about a specific case
massban *massban @users Bans several people from the server
cases-list *cases-list [member] Gives the list of the server cases
sugg-refuse *sugg-refuse id reason Refuses a suggestion
sugg-accept *sugg-accept id reason Accepts a suggestion
sugg-delete *sugg-delete id Deletes a suggestion
infractions *infractions @member Lists a user's warning list
clear-warns *clear-warns @user Removes all the warnings of a user
warn *warn @user [reason] Warns someone using private messages
restrictemoji *restrictemoji add/remove/reset emoji @role Permits, rejects or resets emoji usage permission for a role.
ban *ban @user [reason] Bans someone from the server
unbanall *unbanall Unbans everyone from the server
massrole *massrole add/remove @role Adds a role to all server members
nick_all *nick_all nickname Changes the nickame of the entiere server.You can use the following vars: {username}: Puts the username
check-users *check-users Checks users of your server
ban-id *ban-id id [reason] Bans a user that is not on the server
roles *roles @user +/- @role Adds or removes a role to a server member.
ticket-add *ticket-add @user Adds a user to a ticket
ticket-close *ticket-close [force] Closes a ticket.
greroll *greroll id Rerolls a giveaway.
gstart *gstart Starts a giveaway.
gend *gend id Ends a giveaway

Configuration commands

Name Use Description
autoping *autoping Configures the automatic ping system for new members in a channel.
welcome *welcome Configures the welcome system.This command includes a message collector, so you do not need arguments.
language *language fr/en Change the language in which the bot speaks
autorole *autorole @role/disable Defines the role automatically given to new members
botautorole *botautorole @role/disable Defines the role automatically given to new bots
auto-music *auto-music #channel music/disable Automatically plays a music in a voice channel when someone joins the channels
count-channel *count-channel #channel/view/disable Defines the counter channel
autonick *autonick nickname/disable Defines the nickname automatically given to new members
auto-publish *auto-publish #channel/disable Defines the channel where messages will be automatically posted
glogs *glogs #channel/disable Defines the giveaways logs channel
set-sugg *set-sugg channel/logs #channel/disable Defines the suggestions channel or the sugegstions logs channel
tempvoc *tempvoc Configures the temporary channels on the server.
boost-message *boost-message Configures messages during a boost.This command includes a message collector, so you do not need arguments.
set-logs *set-logs #channel/disable Defines the logs channel
auto-reactions *auto-reactions create/delete Setups the auto reactions system.
setcolor *setcolor color Defines the color of the bot's embeds on the server
botautonick *botautonick nickname/disable Defines the nickname automatically assigned to new bots
auto-responders *auto-responders create/delete Setups the auto responder system.
setprefix *setprefix prefix Changes the prefix of the bot
mod-logs *mod-logs #channel Defines the mod logs channel
set-join-dm *set-join-dm on/off message Defines the message automatically sent to new members in private messages
youtube-alerts *youtube-alerts Configures the alerts when there is a new youtube video.This command includes a message collector, so you do not need arguments.
counter *counter create/delete/refresh Defines the members' counter
ticket-system *ticket-system create/delete Configures the ticket system.You can configure everything with only this command
chatbot *chatbot #channel/disable Defines the chatbot channel
goodbye *goodbye Configures the welcome system.This command includes a message collector, so you do not need arguments.
verification *verification Enables or disables the verification system on the server

Levelling commands

Name Use Description
remove-rank *remove-rank @role Removes a role from the roles rewards roles system
leaderboard *leaderboard Displays the server ranking
add-rank *add-rank level/messages level @role Adds a role to the rewards roles system
rank *rank Displays your rank on the server
reset-levels *reset-levels [user] Resets all level data for the current server
addxp *addxp @user number Adds xp to a given user
addlevel *addlevel @user number Adds a level or levels to a given user
ranks *ranks Returns the list of all rewards roles of the server

Antiraid commands

Name Use Description
protect *protect enableAll/disableAll Enables or disables the protections of the server
anti-spam *anti-spam Enables or disables the system against spam
ignoreds *ignoreds channel/role add/remove/list @role/#channel Adds a role or channel to the list of ignoreds channels by Antiraid
anti-pub *anti-pub on/off Enables or disables the system against discord invites
anti-caps *anti-caps Enables or disables the system against exessive capital letters
anti-mass-mentions *anti-mass-mentions Enables or disables the system against too many mentions in the messages
anti-dc *anti-dc Enables or disables the system against too recent accounts
antiraid-logs *antiraid-logs #channel/disable Defines the antiraid logs channel
backup *backup create/info/delete Manages your backups

Games commands

Name Use Description
calculation *calculation level Creates a random calculation
birthday *birthday JJ/MM/AAAA Configures the date of your birthday
quiz-list *quiz-list Gives the list of server's custom quizs
mode-quiz *mode-quiz Changes the quizs mod.
create-quiz *create-quiz Creates a custom quiz for the server.
my-birthday *my-birthday Gives the date of your birthday
birthdays-list *birthdays-list Gives the list of server birthdays
quiz *quiz Creates a quiz
8ball *8ball question Answers a question.