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You can see there the list of the commands of Green-bot sorted by categories
To execute a command, first write the prefix and then the command name. Reminder: Hooks such as [] or <> must not be used when executing commands.
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Music commands

Name Use Description
play *play < Song /Url> Play a track from one of our supported platforms ( Youtube, Spotify & Soundcloud ). Example: *play faded
search *search < Query> Search for a track to play
skip *skip Skips the current music
join *join Makes the bot joining your voice channel.
leave *join Makes the bot leaving your voice channel.
np *np Show the currently playing song in an embed listing the progress, the requester, the author and the audio volume.
shuffle *shuffle Randomizes the current order of tracks in the queue
clearqueue *clearqueue Clear the music queue, does not stop the current song if there is one.
resume *resume Resumes the current paused song
back *back Plays the previous song
queue *queue List every song that's waiting to be played along with the requester of that song.
remove *remove number Removes a music from the server's queue
move *move < number> < new position> Changes the postion of a song
seek *seek time Sets the time of the current music.
rewind *rewind [time] Rewinds the music.
forward *forward [time] Fast-forwards a song by the provided time, default is 10 seconds
loop *loop queue/song/loop Enable or disable the loop mode
movebot *movebot Moves the bot to another voice channel
removedupes *removedupes Remove duplicates tracks in your queue
playskip *playskip < Song /Url> Plays the searched song and skips the current playings
autoplay *autoplay Enables or disables the autoplay system. If enabled, the bot will play songs like the songs that you listen
jump *jump < Track number> Jumps to the provided song
pause *pause Pauses the current music
volume *volume < 0-200> Sets the volume audio will be streamed at, higher than 100 can be painful to listen to depending on the track.
stop *stop Stops the music.
givedj *givedj @user Gives the dj of the queue to another user.
debug *debug Check if there are problems.
grab *grab Sends you the current music.
lyrics *lyrics music Gives the lyrics of a song.

Configuration commands

Name Use Description
setdj *setdj @role Enables or disables the DJ system on the server
controller *controller [disable] Sets the controller channel
24/7 *24/7 Enables or disables The 24h/7 mode. If enabled, the bot won't leave yout voc channel
autoshuffle *autoshuffle enable/disable To automatically shuffle spotify & Youtube playlists
announcesongs *announcesongs enable/disable This will enable/disable now-playing aka song announcing
setvc *setvc channel Restricts the bot to a specific voice channel
defaultVolume *defaultVolume 10-200 Sets the default volume
settings *settings Shows your configuration
setprefix *setprefix prefix Change the prefix Green-bot responds to.


Name Use Description
bassboost *bassboost Toggles bassboost filter
8d *8d Toggles 8D filter
vaporwave *vaporwave Toggles vaporwave filter
earrape *earrape Toggles earrape filter
nightcore *nightcore Toggles nightcore filter
karaoke *karaoke Toggles karaoke filter
list *list List all active filters
reset *reset Reset all enabled Filters

Utilities commands

Name Use Description
clean *clean Deletes all command related messages
premium *premium Shows your premium subscription.
vote *vote Vote for the bot on bot lists to support it!
help *help [command name] Displays a list of all current commands, sorted by category.Can be used in conjunction with a command for more information.
invite *invite Gives you a link to invite the bot
botinfo *botinfo Displays informations about the bot.
ping *ping Returns the latency of the bot

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